10 Suspects in Police Custody Over Maria Nagirinya’s Murder

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga (L) and Maria Nagirinya (R) the deceased social worker.

Police is holding a total of 10 suspects in connection to the abduction and subsequent murder of Maria Nagirinya Gateni, the Assistant Project Manager at CIDI an NGO based in Muyenga and her driver, Kitayimbwa Ronald.

The duo was reportedly kidnapped at Nagirinya’s gate in Lungujja Busega Community Zone at around 11pm days ago. The abductors drove the two in Nagirinya’s own car to an unknown destination before killing and dumping them in Nakitukuli, Mukono district. Their bodies were found on Friday.

According to Police, Nagirinya who used to drive herself, on the fateful day, informed her Aunt that she was feeling unwell who requested Kitayimbwa to drive her back home. But at 11:50pm, the two were kidnapped as they approached her gate. As they approached the home, Nagirinya contacted her friend to open the gate.

While addressing the media at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga revealed that in addition to the 3 suspects who had been earlier arrested, Police has arrested 7 more persons who attempted to obstruct arrest of one of the initial three.

“We already have three suspects in custody in connection with the incident. An additional 7 suspects were also arrested for trying to obstruct the task team during the arrest of one of the suspects for further questioning,” said Enanga.

The Police spokesperson however declined to reveal the identities of the suspects, saying, this could jeopardize the investigations.

“The investigating team at this stage is not coming up with details and particulars of the suspects because of the fear that being a sensitive investigation, they needed some time not to jeopardize their lines of inquiry. But they will be coming up with the report in the due course to you (public) know who are these suspects,” Enanga added on Monday.

He said that as part of the investigation, the Director CID with her team by yesterday, Sunday, had reviewed and reconstructed the scene to help establish the stage at with the duo was murdered. He however noted that preliminary investigations haven’t established the motive for the murder.

“You are aware that this double murder has raised a lot of questions on how they were kidnapped in a residential area, whisked away and subsequently murdered. Details of what happened during their hostage situation which began on August 28-30 when the bodies were recovered will be established in the due course”

“So far, the investigations have not uncovered the motive for the double kidnap and murder, however our detectives from Kampala Metropolitan Police South, are conducting very through and extensive inquiries in close coordination with our counterparts from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) who are helping us in carrying out joint investigations,” explained Onyango.

After the incident on Wednesday, on Thursday Police found the deceased’s car abandoned at Nateete with Nagirinya’s National Identity Card, her shoes and Kitayimbwa’s driving permit therein as well as blood stains in the car seats.

As such, Police says they have obtained DNA and scientific evidence of material value from the victim’s car and acquiring the witness account on the incident as well as reviewing one of CCTV footages to help match the identity of one of the suspects among the three who were arrested.

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