250 Arrested as Security Recovers 1,600 Stolen Phones from Shopping Malls

Police officers deployed at one of the shopping malls in down town Kampala (Courtesy photo)

In an attempt crack down motorcycle theft and robbery in Kampala, joint security agencies on Thursday afternoon raided three different shopping malls where they recovered several stolen phones and motorcycles as well as arresting over 200 suspects.

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga says acting on intelligence, the task teams raided units, around Muganzirwaza Plaza where suspected stolen motorcycles, were being sold and stripped for spare parts.

In the process, they recovered several motorcycles, and also came across dismantled reusable parts. At least 250 suspects have been arrested.

“The other two teams conducted raids on shops dealing in suspected stolen electronic devices and phones, on Cooper Complex and Mutaasa Kafeero, respectively. An assortment of phones and electronic devices were recovered”.

“The complaints are that dealers in these shops unblock and give devices new IMEI numbers making the stolen phones find their way back on the streets as legitimate phones,” Enanga said in a statement.

“By providing a conduit for the thieves to be able to convert the stolen items of motorcycles, phones and electronic devices, they are encouraging the commission of the offenses,” he adds.

Security managed to recover 134 suspected stolen motorcycles, an assortment of spare parts and electronic devices including 1,600 phones from Cooper Complex.

All items recovered are clearly marked with the location and where the items were recovered from, Enanga said.

“We are inviting people to come to KMP headquarters, and crosscheck the electronic devices and phones recovered including laptops, cell phones, as well as tablets, computer monitors, TVs. Those following the suspected stolen motorcycles should proceed to CID headquarters in Kibuli with supporting documents,” says the Police spokesperson.

He believes that the massive operation will disrupt the supply line for stolen merchandise and it will reduce the number of burglaries, street robberies, theft of motorcycles and related murders.

The operation comes a week after Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi unveiled new security measures aimed at addressing the current wave of violent crime in the districts of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso, detailing the five action points including linkage with and effective communication with the public as well as public awareness.

Others are quick and effective response, effective investigations and prosecution of culprits, profiling and pursuit of known repeat offenders and ensuring more security visibility
accompanied by camera surveillance to respond to incidents of crime.

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