3rd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair Set for September

Minister of State for Gender and Culture, Peace Mutuuzo touring one of the exhibition stalls during last year's Fair

The 3rd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair is schedule to take place in September this year at the Uganda Museum in Kampala.

The Fair which brings together a diversity of communities both local and international, women and youths, family and exhibitors of a variety of products will be held between September 21 and 23 this year.

This particular edition is themed “Our Diverse Cultures Empowering Each Other”.

It takes a form of a cultural market for all forms of art; music, dance, drama, comedy, visual arts, foods and beverages, local brew, fashion, poetry, storytelling, exhibition of arts and crafts from different regions of Africa and beyond Africa.

Activities to characterize the Fair will include: thematic side conferences on Culture and conservation; school quiz competitions on similar topics as well as the East Africa high level thematic policy discussion to comprise Parliamentarians from the East African member States, Ministers of Culture and Ministers of tourism across Africa.

The Fair will also feature story telling (Ekyooto) sessions around bringing together the humanity regardless of their color, religion, race and background among other things.

There will be a wildlife exhibition and education by Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) Entebbe with a main focus on totems as spiritual emblems that demonstrate conservation challenges stemming from acient times of our fore fathers.

Best exhibitors, best unique talents with potential to be developed, best essays, most culturally aware schools from the quiz competitions among other categories will be awarded.

According to the organizers, the fair gives an opportunity to a global community to sign up for great artists, buy cultural artefacts and showcase cultural innovations.

At least 300 exhibitors of Africa’s most interesting cultural products like artefacts, memorabilia, cuisines, fashion, music, dance and drama, empowering them to showcase their culture, as well as exhibitors from other parts of the world will participate in this years Fair.

Organizers say it will also attract at least 20,000 tourists from Uganda, East Africa region, the rest of Africa and the international community

Part of the objectives of the Fair is to create employment opportunities by giving skills to youths and women on how to produce and brand commercial artifacts, memorabilia among other cultural tourism products for both domestic and International market.

It also seeks to increase export of tourism products like artifacts, crafts, memorabilia, music, food and fashion.

In addition, at least 100 exhibitors will be trained with unique talents that have potential to be developed and added onto the tourism value chain.

The previos Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair attracted over 10,000 visitors both local and international.

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