45 Couples Wed at Mass Wedding in Namirembe Cathedral


A total of 45 couples exchanged vows on Saturday at St.Paul’s Cathedral in Namirembe.

The function was led by the St . Rev . Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese. Luwalira asked the newly weds to always honor the vows they have made.

“You promised to love each other, follow that,” he urged. “Keep up to the standard that God requires of you during the relationship.”

Rev. Luwalira�also urged them to always believe in God and doing what He wants them to do.

Twenty four year old Samuel Ssemakula and Samantha Kemigisha 21 who were the youngest couple expressed happiness after fulfilment of one of the sacraments.

“I did this to show other youths that they gain nothing from having multiple partners,” he told journalists.

“It is high time they (youth) borrow a leaf and legalize marriage.”

The mass wedding by the Anglican church comes a few days after a similar function was held by Rubaga Miracle Centre’s Pastor Robert Kayanja during the 77 Days Of Glory (DOGs) .

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