762 Venues Cleared to Display New Year’s Fireworks


Police has cleared a total of 762 venues that will display fireworks at New Year’s Eve.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Police spokesperson for Aswa region revealed that 762 events venues including all the designated spots would be inspected by Police to ensure safety of citizens as well as ensuring that the fireworks to be displayed meet the national set standards of 1.5 calibre.

“The venues should all meet the minimum guidelines and this will take on guidance to fire the fireworks in close collaboration with the counter terrorism police officers trained in this regards,” Okema said.

He cited an incident in 2014 at Bomah Hotel in Kitgum where untrained people taken to blow fireworks turned their cans on the public hitting one reveler  and causing chaos at the scene.

“A repeat of such an incident is uncalled for. Secondly, all stockpiles of the fireworks will be stored at the various police units before they are taken to the venue,” he said.

He cautioned the public against unnecessary excitement like making noise, ululation and on streets, drunk driving which he said disrupts security personnel from doing their work normally.

In Aswa region, 48 venues have been granted permission to display fireworks on Monday night.

In Gulu, Boma hotel, Diana gardens, New Alobo nightclub, Da Link Gardens and Cash Bar lacor are listed among the accredited venues as well as Cross Bar and Grill, Kitgum Bus Park and Little Palace Hotel in Kitugum.

On the security matters, Okema revealed that police will be on patrol owing to the fact that a lot of criminal vices occur during such festivities. He noted that on Christmas Day, some 15 youths were rounded up in Lacor alone for allegedly using substance and drug abuse, assault and petty robbery.

He said that 30 out of the 69 suspects in detention were released on bail pending investigations.

Okema urged the population to abide by the rules and guidelines if they are to have crime-free festivities.

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