“Age Limit Bill is a Wastage of Resources” – Makerere Academics’ Body

Caption: MUASA Chairman Dr. Muhammad Kigundu (C), Prof. Ntare Muhammad (L) and MUASA publicist Dr. Deus Kamunyu (R) during a press conference on Thursday

The body that brings together the academic staff at Makerere University has dissented with the ongoing attempts by some members of Parliament to amend the constitution and remove the Presidential age limit.

Academics say this move is not the most pressing issue for Uganda and is “a wastage of resources” that could have addressed key problems.

MUASA had summoned a news conference at Makerere University Guest House on Thursday to appeal to government to release the findings of the Visitation Committee which they say have stalled for 8 months.

Asked to weigh in on the heated political debate in the country, Dr. Muhammad Kigundu who heads the Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) said; “We as the academics don’t see any pushing reason to amend the constitution. Presidential age limit is not a priority compared to the other problems including developing Uganda.”

He said that it should be incumbent on any concerned leader to step aside and groom leadership from the another generation.

“Much as the law provides that the constitution can be amended, we don’t think the age limit is an urgent issue that should stir up the country,” Kigundu told the press.

He described the proposal to amend Article 102 (b) as a waste of resources.

While most of the proponents of the Bill have argued that the amendment seeks to eliminate discrimination of individuals on the basis of their age, Dr. Kigundu said the law can never favor everyone but rather use of common sense.

“Constitutional age limitations are in line with nature. No one can live beyond 150 years. The law follows common sense,” he said.

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