Age Limit: Opposition Defy Police Orders on Joint Consultations

Leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza flanked by MPs addresses the media at Parliament today

Opposition in Parliament has termed ‘stupid’ the order issued by Police stopping them from conducting consultations over age limit in areas beyond their constituencies.

The police boss Asuman Mugyenyi issued a directive that has been dispatched to all police stations across the country directing officers in charge to prohibit “those MPs moving or intending to move in order to support counterparts or consult outside their constituencies”.

Addressing the media at Parliament, the Leader of Opposition (LOP), Winnie Kiiza flanked by other opposition members vowed to defy the orders accusing police of interfering with their political activities.

“We are continuing with our program, we want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the police actions yesterday, the brutal way in which Ugandans were handled during our rally and condemn the circular by Asuman Mugyenyi,” Kizza said.

The LOP said that the order is outrageous, illegal, unconstitutional and stupid adding that no sane Ugandan can follow their circular.

Kiiza said that police is going beyond its limits by giving political orders which can only be given by politicians.

“The Public Order Management (POM) law only gives us the chance to inform police not asking for permission, we informed police of our programs; the police can only use the POM Law only when the owner of the venue says that he didn’t give us permission to use the venue.”

“We shall not allow police to tell MPs how they should do their work, if I believe that member X should come and visit me in my constituency, I don’t see why police thinks that the member can ask for a permission and possibly get a visa.”

Kiiza added that the issue of constitution amendment is a national issue and it is the duty of leaders to consult nationally and possibly internationally.

“No amount of teargas, intimidation will bare members from using a design they want in consulting the population of Uganda, let police stick to their responsibility of protecting Ugandans.”

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