Alur – Jonam Cultural Festival in Pictures

UTB chief executive, Lilly Ajarova (L) joins a traditional dance during the Alur - Jonam cultural fest.

The maiden Alur – Jonam Cultural Festival held at the Uganda Museum on Sunday ended on a successful note. The event which sought to showcase the heritage, tradition and culture of the Alur people from West Nile was characterized by folk songs, entertainment from Alur artistes, dance, food, art and craft, among others.

Participants also got to listed to the traditional music played with the Agwara, Ndara, and Adungu.

The fest join several other annual events that celebrate Uganda’s cultural diversity.

Uganda Tourism Board’s (UTB) chief executive officer, Lilly Ajarova who attended the festival said “culture establishes and reinforces identity and helps to build image”.

“The foods, the dances and all the stories reminded me of my childhood. It was a special day filled with happiness and sharing,” Ajarova said.

Alur are an ethnic group who live in northwestern Uganda and northeastern DRC. They are part of the larger Luo group.

Traditionally, the Alur lived in grass-thatched huts and were farmer-herders. They grew (and grow) millet, cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, spinach, and pumpkins. They herded cattle, goats, and chickens which were important sources of meat. Other important resources were salt, forest and wild animals all who were protected from other clans.


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