Amuriat: FDC to Focus IPOD on Holding Meaningful Dialogue for Regime Change

FDC President, Patrick Amuriat speaking on Wednesday

The incoming Chairperson of the Interparty Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) who is also the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Patrick Amuriat has promised to refocus the organization to holding meaningful dialogue which will foster regime change in the country.

This he noted while delivering his inaugural speech as he assumed leadership of IPOD from the Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao at a function held at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

The FDC President said that as IPOD members reminisce on the core principles of IPOD, they should begin a new chapter by fostering trust and confidence among themselves, enhance cooperation, build harmony and facilitate a smooth transition of power especially at the level of the Presidency.

“In order to achieve this as the Chairman of the Summit, I will be spending part of my time in the very first weeks discussing with you heads of Parties here assembled. I hope we will have an opportunity to appreciate the challenges we are facing as a country and how we can help each other realize the dream of a new Uganda,” Amuriat said.

Amuriat said that after a leader serving a Country as long as the NRM chairman has done, it is important to understand that a peaceful transition should not be at the mercy of negotiations but a must and an obligation of the leader himself and the led.

“A peaceful transition is the most essential and what should comprise most of our discussions if we are to give meaning to the current multi-party political dispensation and our very co-existence,” Amuriat said.

He noted that there are only two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

“IPOD in its processes should play the key role of being the candle as we leaders become mirrors that reflects the light of the Uganda that will serve and work for all of us,” Amuriat noted.
The new summit chairman said that to achieve peaceful transition, his leadership shall focus the summit to meaningful dialogue which should entail clearly spelt out Parties to the dialogue, a neutral convener/ facilitator, an agreed upon Agenda and a guarantor of the outcomes.
“For emphasis, we wish to reiterate that the only dialogue that is required at this time is on how to achieve an all-inclusive transition of administration. The transition administration will focus on Constitutional review, rebuilding of institutions, Truth telling, justice and reconciliation as well as Free and fair elections.”
Amuriat thus revealed that FDC welcomes the opportunity to head both the Summit and Council adding that they are committed to the objectives, ideals and principles of IPOD.
“We have confidence that we shall be able to steer and offer our very best leadership while cognizant of building harmony amongst all parties to the IPOD. I wish to invite all of you leaders here gathered to help us create an environment that will ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of IPOD.”

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