Arrested Congolese National Confesses to Killing 2 Girls in Kampala

A Police officer leads the suspect, Malimali Ndihoma Sisco Mashal Justine (R) to the station upon his arrest.

The Uganda Police say a Congolese man arrested at Entebbe International airport, has confessed to having been behind the recent murder of two girls including his girlfriend, in Kampala.

Malimali Ndihoma Sisco Mashal Justine, was arrested by the Aviation Police at Entebbe International airport while fleeing the country, on suspicion that he was involved in the killing of two Congolese girls at Old Kampala.

In a statement by Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, SP Luke Owoyesigire, two bodies of girls identified as Hulda Njiba and Safi were found rotting in an room in Kakeeka Zone – Rubaga Division by Police, after being alerted by a resident.

“Upon arrest, he was forwarded to Old Kampala Police on suspicion that he might have killed the two girls whose bodies were found decomposing in an apartment at Kakeeka zone in Rubaga Municipality on January 6, 2019,” Owoyesigire explained.

He said that at about 2pm on January 6, one of the Kakeeka zone local council leaders called and informed the area Police to respond to an incident of a person suspected to have died inside a locked house.

“The area commander together with the scene of crime officers, forensics officers visited the scene, cordoned off the perimeters and on making the search, two female decomposing bodies were recovered,” he added.

The two girls had been reported missing from Entebbe on January 4, 2019 vide Entebbe Police CRB 006/2019.

According to Police, Malimali, the suspect who was arrested has already confessed to the murder although he claims it was a kidnap.

As Police continues to find out the motive of the murder, they say primary investigations indicate that Malimali and Njiba (one of the deceased) were involved in a love relationship before Njiba got another boyfriend.

It is suspected that her killing could have been done in revenge for betraying the lover.

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