Auditor General Report: Police Lacks Skilled Manpower to Investigate Reported Cases

The Central Police Station in Kampala.

The Auditor General, John Muwanga has revealed that the Uganda Police Force lacks skilled manpower to conclusively carry out investigations of cases reported by the general public.

This, he noted in the Auditor General’s Annual Report for the Financial year ended June 30, 2019 in which he presented to the Speaker of Parliament on Wednesday.

The report indicates that according to statistics for the last six years 2013 – 2018, relating to detection, prevention and investigations of crime by Police show improvement in performance in the investigation of crimes at 1:45 against the recommended caseload per CID officer of 1:12 cases per year.

“Actual performance indicated that for the last five years, the total reported cases were 1,251,344 out of which 302,745 (24.2%) were successfully investigated leaving a balance of 948,599 cases (75.8%),” Muwanga noted in the report.

Muwanga said the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (DGAL) exists to provide forensic examination of cases to guide investigations and prosecutions to the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS), majorly Uganda Police Services (UPS) but DGAL has also had challenges in analyzing received case requests.

“Although the backlog cases yet to be investigated have reduced by 37% over the past 4 years, during the year, only 2247 (87.3%) out of 2573 applications received were analyzed,” Muwanga noted.

He added that the failure to handle all the reported cases was attributed to inadequate skilled manpower and resources within the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and GAL.

On the same note, the Auditor General said the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) has had challenges in handling cases of various categories within the expected time frames which has had effects on other institutions of government.

“I noted a rising trend of case backlog under the Judiciary which had increased by 10.7% overall, with the Magistrate Grade I and Chief Magistrates Court registering the highest growth rate of over 16%,” Muwanga noted.

He added that the rising trend of case backlog was attributed to the delayed implementation of the approved organisation structure and inadequate wage budget to recruit Judicial Officers.

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