Awestruck Daughter to Qatar’s Investor to Market Uganda as Best Tourism Destination

LR: Presidential Advisor Gaheldan Nagwa, Shaikha and business Investor Khalid Al-Shebani.

Uganda, a country gifted by natured with the best flora and fauna has left many who visit it for the first time wondering and appreciating God for such a beautiful country.

Shaikha Mohammed Alsahal, a daughter to one of Qatar’s business investor to Uganda and the CEO of Sigma mining company, Khalid M. Al-Shebani is one of the tourists that have fallen in love with Uganda’s beauty and would wish that all her peers back in Qatar would come over and experience such beauty.

Shaikha told SoftPowers News in an interview that the few days she spent in Uganda have given her a new experience

“It is my first time coming here to Uganda, it is a beautiful country, peaceful and with people that are so loving and hospitable; it feels like I am homing even though it’s the first time coming,” Shaikh said.

“On my arrival, I was introduced to the different hair styles that are made by the women in Uganda and when I gave it a try, it turned out to be a cool experience having my hair painted,” she added.

She added that the designs with which the local traditional dresses are made are beautiful and have left her impressed.

“The local foods are so tasty and interesting to eat,”

“I feel I want to know more about Uganda, I wish all my peers can come over and have a lifetime experience that I have had,” Shaikha said.

She pledged to organize a familiarization trip for her fellow students and teenagers at school in Doha so that we can experience all this together.

She cited Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Western part of Uganda as her most memorable experience given its diverse wild animals. Shaikha was as well impressed on her visit to the Source of the Nile.

Shaikha added that with the help of the Senior Presidential Advisor, Najwa Gadaheldam, she will be able to market Uganda’s vast tourism sites to the people of Qatar beginning with her peers teens.

The Senior Presidential Advisor who is of Sudanese origin told this news website that Uganda is not only the best investment destination in the region, but also a best tourism destination.

Najwa expressed her commitment to help Shaikha fulfill her dream of marketing Uganda’s tourism sites to her peers as well as other Qatar’s nationals.

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