Bad Black Attacks Bebe Cool for Renting “Cheap”, “Disgraceful” Shop for Wife Zuena

A street view of Zuena's shop in Kiwatule.

Lately, socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black has stepped up her activity on social media and increasingly, she is giving an opinion on affairs in the showbiz. Even politics.

The latest comment from her is one that many celebrities would be restrained to make since it was aimed at Bebe Cool. You have to be daring to confront Bebe Cool since he isn’t the kind that lets things pass.

On Tuesday, singer Bebe Cool took to his Facebook page to flaunt the latest development in his family. This particular one was about opening up a shop for his wife, Zuena. A shop where Zuena will do her cake and decor business, a venture she has been engaged in for years.

The shop is located at Kiwatule, along the road leading to Naalya, right opposite Shell Fuel station (former Mogas), the singer said.

Bebe Cool’s post sought to pour cold water on criticism from people who “seem to suggest that Zuena is too high profile to run a shop that appears the way it does and in such a location”.

The singer argued “it is critical to understand your business, who your customers are and how easily they can access your service or product”.

He says the choice of location of Zuena’s shop has to do with easing accessibility, both for low income and high income customers.

Bebe Cool also justified his choice of location on economic grounds.

“For any business to thrive, you need to be able to manage your costs. It would be unwise for someone to opt for a splashy location that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rent as opposed to finding an affordable but suitable location and giving it an ambiance that suits all,” Bebe Cool wrote.

But Bad Black was not convinced and she attacked the self-proclaimed ‘Big Size’ gloves off, saying the shop is too cheap for a woman that has taken care of him for over a decade.

“Bebe Cool, we got your long message on Facebook but in reality, that’s not the kind of shop that Zuena deserves. You should have rented a shop for her either at Pioneer mall, Acacia Mall or Garden City,” Bad Black said in a video posted on her Snap Chat.

And she was unapologetic for her comment stating she doesn’t fear anything.

“That shop is very cheap for a woman who has been there for you for over 10 years. You know? A celeb can’t do business in such a place,” she added.

She says Zuena is a very beautiful woman and that it would be demeaning for her to park a posh car infront of a low budget shop.

“With all the buildings that are empty in Kampala? In fact she risks contracting Cholera in that shop you got her. You better change it. The place disgraces your wife”.

Bad Black says Bebe Cool’s excuses of businesses making cautious decisions that avert wasteful expenditure are all nonsense.

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