Bagyenda Apologizes for Delaying Committee Work, Slapped with Travel Ban

Former BOU Executive Director for Bank Supervision, Justine Bagyenda taking oath before the committee on Monday.

The former Bank of Uganda (BOU) Executive Director for Bank Supervision, Justine Bagyenda has apologized for snubbing the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) which is currently investigating the manner in which BOU managed the closure of seven defunct banks.

Bagyenda who returned to Uganda on Sunday evening from the U.S where she was reported as having traveled, has today morning appeared before the committee to respond to a number of queries.

The committee had since her departure extended her summons twice and had committed to issue a warrant of arrest in case she did not appear before the committee today.

On appearing, committee Chairperson, Abdul Katuntu told Bagyenda that the legislators were over stretched on their patience with her and that her absence affected the committee business.

“The last day you were here, you were expected to report back to the committee the following day, but we only received a letter that you were out of the country,” Katuntu said to Bagyenda.

“You caused us inconveniences, we hope now that you are here, you sit throughout the process until we are done with the officials of Bank of Uganda,” he said.

Bagyenda later tendered in an apology appreciating legislators for being very lenient with her and for allowing her to return to the country safely.

“I wish to apologize for any inconvenience that was caused by my absence. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to come back to the country and appearing before the committee. Thanks for as well extending the summons for two incidents,” Bagyenda regretted.

She further expressed gratitude towards the committee for disregarding propaganda peddled on social media, and choosing to understand her predicament.

“I want to assure you that I am willing to cooperate and assist the work of the committee for the good of the process that is aimed at building our country,” Bagyenda said.

The former BOU Executive Director as well asked the committee to have her bodyguard, Juliet Adikolet and driver, Job Turyahabwe released. The two were last week handed over to the Police and detained for their role in smuggling documents considered confidential, from the Bank of Uganda premises.

On this, Kantuntu ruled that the committee nolonger has anything to do with the detained officers adding that they are being handled by the Police. Be said the law would take its course.

Other legislators requested that Bagyenda deposits her passports with the committee to avoid unforeseen travels which may further inconvinience the committee work.

The committee also ruled to put Bagyenda on oath so as to compell her to be truthful to the committee in her submissions.

Last week, the committee discovered that earlier this year, while she was still working with the Central Bank, Bagyenda with the help of her bodyguard and driver moved luggage containing confidential documents from the Bank in violation of security procedure.

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