Baryamureeba Reported to IGG Over Micromanagement, Misconduct at MUBS

Chairman Council of Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Prof Venansius Baryamureeba

Former Makerere University Vice Chancellor and founder of Uganda Technology and Management University, Prof Venansius Baryamureeba is under fire for his alleged misconduct and micromanagement of affairs at MUBS.

The seasoned academic who is currently the Chairperson of Council at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) is being accused of unprofessional conduct including siding with ‘perpetrators’ of sexual abuse at the institution.

The accusations are contained in a letter written by a whistleblower to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) demanding that Prof Baryamureeba be withdrawn from his leadership position.

The anonymous whistleblower in his letter officially received by the Office of the IGG on March 28 says that Prof Baryamureeba has usurped all power at MUBS which has resulted in unilateral decisions with no consideration of the relevant structures. The letter titled ‘Unprofessional conduct by Prof Baryamureeba’ is copied to the Minister of Education and Sports.

“He has taken over the Chairmanship of all the committees, he chairs meetings and he does not allow people to speak,” the letter reads, adding “…his views become the views of Council or the committees he attends”.

The whistleblower also alludes to a case in which a lecturer at MUBS, a one Dr Ahimbisibwe was allegedly involved in sexually molesting students and female staff. It is alleged that Prof Baryamureeba supported Dr Ahimbisibwe to the point of influencing management to dismiss a lecturer named Irene Namugenyi in order to protect Ahimbisibwe.

“Baryamureeba is not the chairman of the appointments committee. He imposed himself and acted like a one man committee bulldozing everyone and finally dismissed Namugenyi,” the letter adds.

The whistleblower wonders why Barya who is not the chairman of the appointments board would write to Management blocking the dismissed lecturer from appealing.

According to the letter to the IGG, Barya has chosen to disorganize MUBS which has resulted into endless inquiries from the IGG which was never the case prior to his appointment as Council Chairman.

“You want to see a stop of the many false allegations about MUBS, make sure Baryamureeba is out,” the whistleblower says.

This website tried to reach Prof Baryamureeba for a comment on the issue in vain.

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