Bebe Cool Defends Fresh Daddy, Terms MC Kats’ Actions Ridiculous

Bebe Cool (L) and Fresh Daddy (R)

Following an incident on Thursday last week when Paul Mutabazi (Fresh Daddy), father to 7-year-old rapper, Fresh Kid, was chased off the stage at Wave Lounge, Bebe Cool has come out to defend him asking that he be allowed to earn a living.

The father who recently surprised music lovers when he hit the studio and released a song titled ‘Amazike’ was forced off the stage by popular emcee and TV host MC Kats who hosts a night at Wave Lounge, Kololo.

In a video clip which made rounds on social media, Kats could be heard saying that they won’t let “bullshit” music at a time when the music industry is trying to make strides.

He went on to advise Fresh Daddy and his manager also singer Khaliffa Aganaga to take take Mutabazi’s music to comedy platforms. MC Kats and Khaliffa are sworn enemies and have had previous squabbles.

He later posted on his Instagram: “Sorry we could not allow this music destroying hype on our nite”.

But MC Kats has been receiving a backlash from a section of Ugandans on social media, some questioning where he derives the authority to decide who sings and who doesn’t. Some sided with Fresh Daddy, arguing he is only looking to make ends meet.

Now, Bebe Cool has weighed in on the debate saying failing a man “who is trying to better his life from a nail polisher(manicurist)to an artist/musician” is so “ridiculous”.

“I saw my brother MC Kats sending the man away from stage and i have heard many totally putting him off but don’t u think that should be left for audiences to choose on who they want to watch?” Bebe Cool wrote in a post on Facebook.

He says that once Ugandans have had enough Fresh Daddy, they will sideline him themselves, but that he will have earned some money when that time comes.

According to the ‘Easy’ singer, Fresh Kid’s dad needs money “to become better and maybe even take care of his family too” especially his wife has persistently complained about him not being there for them.

“We as Ugandans must appreciate Fresh Daddy has not opted for theft or killing boda boda riders but rather a choice that allows revellers to decide for them selves if they want to give him the Mazike or not”.

He says every Ugandan deserves a chance to make money by any means as long as they abide by the law and they don’t hurt anyone.

Bebe Cool delved a little into politics saying his support of President Yoweri Museveni is premised on the fact that he (Museveni) has created an environment that enables even the brainless, clueless or those with no talent to make money in Uganda and earn a better living.

“Allow the man to make and save the little he can as fast as he can coz u know he won’t last long but he will be a better Ugandan tomorrow, ” he said of Mutabazi.

Bebe Cool’s message received a lot of positive response from his fans saying his appeal makes a lot of sense.


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