Besigye Camp Joins Bobi Wine’s Campaign Rallying Ugandans to Acquire IDs

Opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye.

Dr Kizza Besigye’s so-called ‘People’s Government’ has thrown its weight behind a campaign led by opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, to rally Ugandans to register for national identity cards.

This was revealed Wednesday by Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze who doubles as the spokesperson ‘People’s Government’ while the two political camps (People Power and People’s Government) announced their new collaboration.

She said the two camps will henceforth undertake joint political activities that seek to enhance unity within the opposition as well as reclaim the opposition’s political space which is shrinking at the hands of the ruling government.

Wednesday’s news conference was addressed jointly by Nambooze and Joel Ssenyonyi, the ‘People Power’ spokesperson.

Although Nambooze could not detail which activities the two camps are planning to engage in, she said the issue of ‘endagamuntu’ (national identity card) is part of the program.

“We have agreed for example that this issue of ‘endagamuntu’ will be relaunched. When we tell Ugandans to go to get registered, we are telling them to get a document to show their ownership of this country,” Nambooze told reporters.

“But once you get ‘endagamuntu, you must fight for a system that will respect citizens, so that when you go to vote, you don’t vote in vain”.

According to the Mukono Municipality legislator, the campaign is also a way of awakening vigilance among the citizens, to ensure that those that are ineligible do not acquire the national identity cards.

“We are telling them further, that you don’t get the I.D and keep quiet. Once you get your I.D, that means you have enrolled as a fighter in this war. It is a certificate of enrollment,” she added.

The ‘Funa Endagamuntu’ (get a national I.D) campaign was first launched last year in October by Bobi Wine during his Kyarenga concert at One Love Beach in Busabala. He said at the time that time has come for youths to quit being spectators in the electoral process. He said the only way they can participate in the 2021 elections is by acquiring I.Ds. The appeal has since become a flagship message for Bobi Wine.

However, months ago, Besigye challenged Bobi Wine’s strategy saying that to oust President Yoweri Museveni through an election alone is almost unachievable.

The comments (by Besigye) played into the recent perceived animosity between him and Bobi Wine, both of whom are eyeing Presidency in 2021.

Besigye said military leaders such as Museveni organize elections to consolidate themselves in power.

“Military rulers use elections to consolidate their power especially through gaining international acceptability and to weaken the Opposition,” Besigye wrote.

“The first critical realisation must be that Junta elections, won’t liberate the power back to the people… Power must be wrestled from those who forcefully captured it, through a struggle”.

“An election can offer a great opportunity to advance or even triumph in the liberation struggle. However, a liberation struggle can be won at any time, when the conditions for achieving the change are in place,” he added.

In what seemed as a rebuttal to Besigye’s comments, Bobi Wine later attacked opposition politicians who say President Museveni can not be defeated through elections, branding them a disappointment.

“For a leader to say that a vote can never oust Museveni without offering another option, it is disappointing. We continue to call upon Ugandans like we have always said, what we politicians can not solve, the people of Uganda can solve. They should go ahead and register as voters and be many,” Bobi Wine said in April.

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