Besigye: Those who Claim to Love Museveni Do So for Rewards Unlike Us who Sacrificed

Besigye lays a wreath on the casket during the burial of Maj Gen Benon Biraaro

Four-time Presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has lashed out at those who claim to support President Yoweri Museveni saying they only do so because they expect to be rewarded.

He said that he and his other comrades who took part in the NRA armed struggle against the Milton Obote regime sacrificed a lot in the process and expected nothing in return. Their main goal was to bring about fairness and justice for all Ugandans which hasn’t been achieved to date, he said.

Besigye was Sunday speaking at the burial of retired military officer, Maj Gen Benon Biraaro who died last week. He was laid to rest in Rumuri village, Masha sub-county, Isingiro district.

At the burial, President Museveni in his eulogy described Biraaro as a patriot, revolutionist and incorruptible. He said Biraaro never got tired in the quest for peace and unity.

Besigye who was among the numerous speakers said nobody should claim they love the NRM more than he and the other members of the 1986 guerilla warfare who gave in all they had.

“Sacrificing your blood and yourself means there’s nothing else you could possibly give in. I keep telling this to people who claim they love this government more than us. The difference is – some of them chant NRM simply because they want to earn something from it,” Besigye told mourners.

“In our days, we joined NRM even when we weren’t benefitting anything. Yet we were making sacrifices for it”.

“We solicited votes for Gen Museveni in 1980 when he had nothing to his name. We had just finished school and we just pooled some resources from amongst ourselves. So you don’t love him more than we do. Those that claim to love him do so expecting some rewards”.

He went on to narrate how he quit a well paying job as a Doctor in Kenya to join the armed struggle. He explained that he quit NRM because of the lack of fairness.

“We fought because we wanted fairness. Fairness that when you are talking, allow me to talk as well. Peace and fairness are part and parcel. One can’t exist without the other”.

Besigye described Biraaro as a friend with whom they have been through a lot. 

“We went through a lot, fighting for this country and striving for justice. He is a comrade and I salute him,” said Besigye.

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