Bobi Wine’s Sweet Bond with Little Daughter, Suubi is Just Adorable

Bobi Wine and daughter Suubi sharing one of their many bonding moments. (Photo: @NinyeTabz)

It looks like the bond between singer Bobi Wine and his 3-year-old daughter, Suubi gets thicker by the day.

The Afro pop star also Kyadondo East MP and his last born, Suubi Shine Nakayi have in recent months been bonding very passionately and the mom, Barbie is head-over-heels about it.

Despite having a busy schedule, the 36-year-old musician still makes the time to be the father that any woman or child would desire to have.

Bobi Wine has often times posted pictures of him and Suubi undoubtedly enjoying each other’s company. The most intimate of them all was perhaps when Bobi Wine returned from the U.S, weeks after his detention and alleged torture.

Social media was buzzing after a photo was shared of the 3-year-old warmly embracing her father moments after he arrived at their home in Magere, Gayaza. It was a moment so deep, perhaps to explain how much she had missed while he was away.

On Saturday, Barbie Kyagulanyi posted a video on her Instagram showing Bobi Wine basking in yet another intimate moment with Suubi.

In the video, Suubi is seen seated in a couch, watching TV while her dad, lay sleeping on her laps. And it was clear she seemed not to want the moment to end. She munches on her boiled egg as she occasionally caresses her dad.

When the mother asks why daddy is sleeping on her laps, the 3-year-old replies: “It’s because he wants to sleep on me”.

Even when Barbie insisted to ask whether or not daddy should instead go and sleep in his bed, Suubi said the father was unwilling.

“Because Taata [daddy] don’t want to sleep in his bed. Taata want to sleep on me”.

Barbie couldn’t help the excitement.

She wrote: “Look at how she keeps caressing him. This expression of affection is so breathtaking. #LazySunday”.

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