Bosco Kataala Was Paid All His Money – MTN Uganda

Siraje Kasirye alias Bosco Kataala.

Since reports emerged last month of Siraje Kasirye alias Bosco Kataala that had helplessly dumped his two children to his helpless mother due to poverty, many people on social media have been questioning whether telecom company, MTN Uganda, had not paid him for the advert in which Bosco appeared.

Kasirye (who acts as Bosco in the Ad) shot to the limelight after his role as a model in an advert by MTN Uganda. The advert became so popular that it began to play in night hangouts.

Bosco’s mother, Harriet Namiiro who lives in Kyebando Katale Zone has been appearing on different televisions with two children said to be Bosco’s, claiming his son was not giving her help. She said Bosco’s wife had ran away from him because he could no longer afford taking care of the family.

According to Namiro, accessing Bosco for help had become an uphill task which led her to suspect his helpless son was intentionally hiding from her.

“What hurts me most are the constant demands by the people in the village to share with them money they say my son (Bosco) got from the MTN advert, yet I didn’t see even a single penny,” she said in an interview with one of the local televisions recently.

Now, MTN Uganda through its Public Relations Officer, Val Okecho, says the company fulfilled all the terms of the contract they had with Bosco.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Okecho said: “Having watched the news story on Bukedde TV about the pitiful plight of Bosco….. we cannot all help but empathize with his situation”.

“Contrary to word going around, I can confirm that MTN Uganda fully honoured its contractual obligations to Mr. Siraje Kasirye through the agency that represents him. I wouldn’t hesitate to add that the model is fully aware of the right channels through which redress can be sought, if any,” he added.

As such, Okecho says the video and other claims making rounds on social media “shouldn’t construe MTN Uganda as a brand that doesn’t honour its contractual obligations or otherwise.”

He said the company values all the supplier relationships and strive to uphold all applicable business practices.

“We’ll reach out to Bosco to offer support,” he said.

SoftPower News tried to contact Bosco for a comment on the matter, but our efforts were futile as he could not pick out multiple telephone calls.

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