BOU Saga: Ofwono Opondo Accuses Police of Misleading Public on Extra Cash

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo addressing reporters on Tuesday.

The Executive Director, Uganda Media Centre and Government Spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo has accused the Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga of misleading the public on the ongoing investigations regarding the Bank of Uganda currency saga.

While addressing the weekly press briefing on Monday 17 June, Enanga said the Police’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) is probing into the alleged irregularities sorrounding transportation of Bank of Uganda currency from Germany to Entebbe International Airport.

He said six people were detained and are in police custody to aid investigations.

Enanga further said that police will be interested in knowing how the need for the printing of the notes arose, who initiated the request, whether there was approval from the Board, the amounts involved and the serial numbers of the notes that were printed.

“With time, we shall get how much was involved, how much was recovered, how much was genuine and how much was non official but genuine money (currency notes).”

This contradicted Mr. Ofwono Opondo’s statements last week saying no extra currency notes had been printed and flown into Uganda.

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The police statement alsbo fuelled speculation that police had during its preliminary investigations come across evidence linking the detained officials to alleged printing of extra currency notes for which the State House Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema had earlier reportedly “raided” the Central Bank to investigate.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday 18 June, Opondo asked Police to clarify their statement in “accordance to existing investigations.”

Speaking from the Media Centre, Opondo noted that it is very absurd that the police would go ahead and mislead the public on the nature of investigations.

“We have seen an absurd statement attributed to the Police Spokesperson in relation to the ongoing Bank of Uganda (BOU) inquiries. I call it absurd because we don’t know where he got his information from that police is investigating extra printed cash,” Opondo said.

Opondo added, “I want to clarify but also disabuse Mr. Fred Enanga’s statement. The ongoing investigations have got nothing to do with extra printed money that was purportedly dumped into our economy but rather relates to extra cargo which in protocol is an anomaly when BOU or someone else charters a plane.”

The Country woke to reports on Friday morning last week, of the raid of Bank of Uganda by the State House Anti-corruption Unit claiming that BOU officials had illegally printed excess money from Germany to a tune of Shs 90bn for their personal benefit.

This was however dispelled by Opondo who told the media that indeed the investigations were underway but aimed at investigating extra cargo that was loaded on BOU chartered plane.

“We ask police to make good their statement which implied that government had earlier on told a lie. We take strong exception to that statement,” Opondo said.

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