Brig Sabiiti, Ochola Decline to Speak to Press After Parliament Vetting

Brig Sabiiti speaking with Parliament security head, Nyiramahoro

Reporters at Parliament have been left disappointed by the newly appointed Police chiefs the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochola and his deputy, Brig Sabiiti Muzeeyi who all snubbed the media interviews.

The well set media team at Parliament tried all their best to secure an interview from the police bosses but they all refused to speak to the media despite pushing them hard.

They would later be heard grumbling and wondering whether the new leadership shall be media friendly to ensure a good working relationship with the fourth estate.

On asking Ochola to speak about his appointment, the well-guarded police chief simply walked away from the media advising them to meet him at his office in Naguru in case they need his comment.

However, his deputy, Sabiiti who was the last person to be vetted told the media to wait until the vetting process is done then he will arrange to meet with them.

“I am just from the committee, when all this is done, we shall arrange to talk,” Sabiiti said.

He was however pushed to comment on whether he was ready to talk on the new job and he said, “Yes I am ready”.

Former Police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura was known to have been rather friendly and accommodative to members of the press, mostly evident through his occasional parading of suspects before journalists as a way of expressing Police’s tight grip on crime.

He also regularly allowed Police Commanders across the country to address journalists even on the most insignificant crimes.

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