Buganda Premier Roots for Mature, Non-abusive Campaigns ahead of 2021 Polls


0lThe Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga has appealed to Ugandan poloticians to exhibit maturity and desist from abusive and violent camapigns while competiting for different political positions in the forthcoming 2021 General Elections.

Mayiga made the call at Bulenga in Kampala during the launch of the Kingdom’s Television (BBS Terefiyina) elections campaign program dubbed Vvaawo Mpitewo a platform that will facilitate all political candidates to hold successful scientific campaigns.

Mayiga said that politicians must not just seek to compete but must be ready to unit the people they lead as well as offering them the desired alternative.

“As a leader that is seeking to lead people, what plan do you have to get people out of poverty, what plan do you have to better the health of Ugandans; how are you planning to better the health sector in the country. Leaders must be held accountable on such grounds but not just for the sake of change,” Mayiga said.

Mayiga noted that people should look out for leaders who respect the wish of their electorates and not those who turn against them.

He noted that leaders must desist from violent and abusive campaigns as well as pushing for violent elections that may lead to blood shed.

“There should be mutual respect among competitors and they should avoid use of abusive language; we want mature politics and we call for free and fair elections,” Mayiga said.

Speaking about the platform launched, Mayiga noted this will help both the candidates convey their message to the electorates as well as creating interaction.

“We are here to launch Vvaawo Mpitewo program as we prepare for the 2021 general electionw; Vvaawo Mpitewo is a luganda dilect meaning stiff competition. We are very certain that these political competitions are going to be so competitive because as we talk now, I am told over 60 people are vying for presidency,” Mayiga said.

Mayiga said that as the Kingdom through BBS Television and Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) radio, they are offering the Vvaawo Mpitewo platform were competitors shall be offered media space to convincingly air out their views to rally the electorates vote for them.

During the launch, BBS TV Managing Director, Robert Ssemakula said that the platform will according equal opportunity to all candidates at all levels.

“We expect serious and stiff competition among the different candidates and as a company, we are ready to aid these campaigns through our different media houses and this will be through putting g up several debates moderated by a team of professional journalists,” Ssemakula said.

Ssemakula noted that the candidates shall be required to pay an affordable fee but that will enable them access all the media platforms.

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