Cavendish University Dismisses Claims of Gender Discrimination During Guild Elections


The Management of Cavendish University Uganda has refuted claims making rounds on social media that it (Management) facilitated gender related discrimination against a female student who was a candidate in the recent Guild Presidential elections.

A note which was shared on social media claimed that a female student who had “emerged the best” in the elections was being discouraged by other students “mostly international students” from becoming a Guild President “because she is a woman”.

“Our school has mostly international students who have different cultures. At the moment, they are telling her she can’t be the guild president because she’s a woman…. basing on the fact that some of these students come from countries that don’t believe in women leaders,” the note reads.

Many people on social media condemned the act saying it undermines gender equity.

However, the university Vice Chancellor, Prof John Mugisha has issued a statement regarding the claims as false.

The Vice Chancellor says “no member of administration or representative of our university stated that they would not accept a lady for a Guild President even after they had won an election as falsely portrayed in the social media posts”.

The statement adds that students’ Guild Elections are managed by the Students Election Commission that is elected democratically by students through their representatives.

The Management acknowledged that parts of the electoral process were contested as irregular, leading to a delay in the announcement of the results by the Commission. Management adds that the Commission will pronounce itself in due course in line with its mandate.

“The university has got a gender policy which requires meritorious application and equal treatment to all its stakeholders, including staff, students and in all aspects of university life including staff recruitment, training and promotions, student curricular and co-curricular activities,” said the VC.

He quotes Section 4.7 of the same policy which stipulates that “student elections shall be free, fair, peaceful and gender responsible”.

Prof Mugisha assured all stakeholders of the university that contrary to the social media claims, Cavendish University “remains committed to providing equitable access to high quality market relevant education….. and it will endeavor to uphold its values at all times, namely self-reliance, integrity, responsibility, excellence, respect and innovation”.

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