Centenary Bank Invests Shs 50M in Project on Financial Inclusion, 25,000 Girls Targeted

Centenary Bank's Beatrice Lugalambi (R) hands a dummy cheque to Anatali Nambooze (L) the project lead during the launch.

Centenary Bank has launched a campaign that targets to reach over 25,000 young girls across 50 secondary schools with the aim of deepening financial inclusion.

The ‘Women for Her’ campaign themed 365 Savings Challenge was launched Friday at Old Kampala Secondary School.

At the launch, girls were urged to take up saving which will further propel them into entrepreneurs as they play an integral role in the nation’s economic progress since they constitute 50 percent of the nation’s population.

Anatali Nambooze, the project lead said the aim is to promote financial inclusion of young girls using mentorship by women through encouraging high involvement of the financial institutions, local and modern mobile banking systems, integrated use of unique model of using media campaigns such as television, radio, social media as well as attracting the private sector participation revealed

It will act as a platform for the young girls to learn the financial foundations to prepare their young minds for the after school into the social-economic environment as well as build convergence between the skills acquired in school, business startups and those required in the market and regular face to face awareness events.

“A number of stakeholders have joined us in this campaign including Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Network of Women in Politics, Career Path, Centenary Bank, only to mention a few

She added that with concerted effort through the campaign, “we can bridge the knowledge gap on saving through mentorship opportunities and creating more awareness”.

“When a girl saves you realise that the household is also saving, and also recognise that women influence the household in a number of financial decision that need to be made,” Nambooze said.

“Our partnership with Women for her is to enable the girl child saves from a young age in order for them to become an economic power”.

On top of a Shs 50 million commitment to the campaign, Centenary Bank will open Cente Junior and CenteVolution Accounts for the girls to be able to save, according to Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank.

The project is aligned to the Global Agenda 2030 which presents an opportunity for young people to explore opportunities for job creation, entrepreneurship and self-reliance and is in line with the government plan to empower the youth and increase employment creation through fast tracking skills development as per the National Development Plan.

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