Chinese-Ugandan Consortium Granted Exploration Licence in Move to Establish Katwe Salt Plant

A delegation led by Capt Mike Mukula touring the site of an old and dilapidated salt factory in Katwe, Kasese.

KASESE – The Government of Uganda has granted an exploration license to Rwenzori Star Limited which is a consortium of China-Uganda investment platform.

On Monday, Capt Mike Mukula the National Resistance Movement national vice chairperson for Eastern region, led a team of Chinese Investors to the Katwe Salt Lake where they interacted with the local miners.

The team also visited the dilapidated salt factory which was established in 1975 by the then President Iddi Amin.

Capt Muluka told the artisanal salt miners that the revamping of the Katwe Salt factory is among other things that government is looking at to champion the rapid transformation in the Rwenzori region.

“Kasese is one of the most endowed areas in Uganda with minerals, wild life among others,” Capt Mukula said.

With the changing of the road infrastructure that is connecting Kasese, Capt Mukula said that the NRM government is committed to develop Kasese and also create opportunities for the especially the young generation.

“We want to give the salt miners a new direction by erecting one of the largest salt plants in the sub Saharan Africa. This salt plant is going to have the latest technology and a major multiplier factor on the economy of Kasese” Capt Mukula said.

Capt Mukula explained that Lake Katwe and the surrounding area will be able to change tremendously because the major components that are anticipated to be harvested in that area are things like industrial salt which is a major component in the production of oil in the Albertine region and the refinery as well as being used in the Sukuru phosphates factory in Tororo.

Godfrey Kabyanga the Kasese municipality mayor said that the revamping of the Katwe Salt lake is one of the game changers that the district identified under the Presidential Initiative on Agri-Industrialization for Local Economic Development (AGRILED) program.

According to Kabyanga, the other game changers for Kasese district are the revamping of Kilembe Copper Mines, Upgrading of the Kasese Airfield and the construction of an industrial park.

The exploration on the Katwe Salt Lake is expected to take only two months. It will be followed by the signing of an agreement at the China-Africa summit in Beijing ahead of the factory’s ground breaking in September this year.


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