City Lawyer Succumbs to Beating After Mob Mistook Him for Phone Thief

City lawyer, Peter Kibirango (R)

The legal fraternity has expressed concern over the death of a city lawyer, Peter Kibirango who passed away on Friday night at Case Clinic having suffered severe injuries after he was beaten by an angry mob.

Kibirango who has been a practising advocate with Orima & Co. Advocates was accused by the mob of stealing a mobile phone which he had mistakenly taken from the mobile money point.

According to the Deputy Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan Police, ASP Luke Owoyesigire suspects have since been arrested including a one Sgt Gad Twijukye, a soldier attached to Immigration Training school in Nakasogola who was the owner of the missing phone.

Owoyesigire narrates that the Police in Mutungo received information on the 14th of October that there was someone suspected to be thief who was being subjected to mob action in Mutungo.

The officers present at Mutungo Police station responded and rushed to the scene to rescue the victim (Kibirango).

The deceased lawyer was surrounded by the mob after he was found with a mobile phone belonging to a one Sgt Gad Twijukye a soldier attached to immigration training school in Nakasogola.

“On the 14th of Oct one Kibirango Peter went to a mobile money agent to carry out a transcation. In his hands, he had a charger and a mobile phone. The mobile money point was being manned by one Ivan and several people were also present at the mobile money point,” Owoyesigire said.

The KMP Deputy Spokesperson said Kibirango then placed his charger on top of a phone that was on top of the counter of the mobile money point. Upon finishing the transaction, Kibirango carried both the charger and the phone which he had found at the counter.

“Sgt Twijukye there after realised that Kibirango had gone with his phone when Kibirango had moved about 100 meters”.

“He and the mobile money agent, a one Ivan ran after him and demanded that he returns the phone. He declined knowledge of the same and all parties agreed to go to Mutungo police”.

According to Owoyesigire, before they could reach the Police, the Sargent spotted the phone in Peter’s pocket and showed it to him.

At this point, Kibirango apologized to Sgt Gad and informed him that he had taken the phone mistakenly, the phone owner together with Ivan (the mobile money agent) and other onlookers started assaulting Kibirango using sticks and stones.

The group was later joined by other boda boda riders who accused the lawyer of theft.

“Kibirango was assaulted until he was rescued by the Police having had to fire several bullets in the air in order to disperse the big crowd which even attacked the police that was rescuing the victim,” Owoyesigire said.

Kibirango was then taken to Mulago hospital by the Police for medical attention from where the relatives later transfered him to Case Hospital.

Owoyesigire noted that Sgt Twijukye has since been arrested and is currently charged with murder as more other suspects are being investigated.

Simon Peter Kinobe, the President of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) said on Saturday that; “My heart breaks at the realisation that he did not have to die. He was young and the beacon of hope for his family. We shall not rest until justice is done”.

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