COSASE to Summon Jinja Officials over Departed Asians’ Properties

COSASE Vice Chairperson, Ibrahim Kasozi.

The Vice Chairperson of the Parliament committee on Commission Statutory Authority and State Enterprises (COSASE), Ibrahim Kasozi has expressed disappointment that officials of the Departed Asians Property Custodian Board (DAPCB) of Jinja snubbed the committee sitting with no clear reasons.

The sub-committee of COSASE that is currently probing into the alleged illegal sale of the departed Asians’ properties by government officials had scheduled a meeting to interact with the officials from Jinja but these did not show up.

Kasozi said he was disappointed that the sub-committee communicated in time to the officials only to learn later that they would not attend the meeting.

“I have just learnt that the reason for them not showing up is because the Chairperson of the Board resigned recently,” Kasozi told journalists at Parliament.

He said that he had invited the officials from Jinja Departed Asians Property Custodian Board to appear and defend themselves over the alleged repossession of the Asians’ properties.

The committee chairperson noted that he is left with no option but to invoke Parliamentary powers and summon the Jinja Custodian Board Chairperson, Innocent Ngobi to appear before the committee despite having resigned.

“We shall make sure that the officials are summoned to appear before the committee on November 19. All the laws of the land from the Constitution, the Land Act show that district land boards do have rights and authority to give away departed Asians’ properties that are under the Custodian Board”.

“However, our records point to the fact that different districts such as Kampala, Mukono, Jinja and Mbale have sold these properties without seeking authority from the Departed Asians Property Custodian Board; this means that whatever land that was given out, the land titles will be revoked,” Kasozi said.

Kasozi added that the failure of the some officials from the Custodian Board to appear before this committee will definitely affect the period to wound-up the investigations.

“We still have a big list of people to meet including, Ministers, prominent lawyers and senior citizens but with the failure of some officials to appear before the committee, we may not finish the probe on time,” Kasozi said.

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