Court Sentences Troy to 13 Years in Jail for Killing Singer Mowzey Radio

Godfrey Wamala (Troy) in court. Inset is deceased singer Mowzey Radio.

Court has sentenced Godfrey Wamala alias Troy to 13 years in prison in connection with the death of singer Moses Sekibogo (Mowzey Radio) last year.

Troy was arrested last year and accused of killing the former Goodlyfe singer after the two engaged in a fight. He was charged with murder.

Mowzey Radio died in February 2018 after succumbing to head injuries at Case Hospital in Kampala.

Last week, Justice Jane Abodo of Entebbe High Court convicted Troy of manslaughter.

Court ruled that the accused did not have malice aforethought to kill the singer despite the fact that he died following a bar brawl.

In her ruling on Thursday, Justice Abodo said Troy is to spend 13 years, three months and four days in prison because he has already served one year, eight months and 26 days in Kigo Prison.

“I have considered the fact that convict is a first offender, relatively young man capable of reforming but let temper get a better part of him and ended the life of a talented and youthful musician which was a horrible thing. I therefore sentence the convict to a term of 13 years, three months and four days,” Justice Abodo said.

The Judge had initially given a sentence of 14 years, but this was reduced since the accused has already been jailed for a period of one year and right months.

The convict has a right to appeal if he’s not satisfied with her decision, court said.

Manslaughter is lesser offense than murder which attracts a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

It is alleged that while at De Bar, a popular hangout in Entebbe, Troy grabbed Mowzey Radio, who died at age 34, and threw him to the floor, fracturing his skull in the process.

This followed a brawl that reportedly resulted from the singer allegedly opening a bottle of whisky and pouring it on revelers in the bar.


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