COVID-19 has Tested Capabilities of the Mighty and Small Around the World – Gen Muhoozi

CDF Gen David Muhoozi

Gen Muhoozi who spent the whole day with the students was impressed by the performance of participants in the two weeks training exercise superintended by the college’s Commandant Lt Gen Andrew Gutti.

“They have a good grasp of what has been taught and how to put it into practice. I’m confident that these officers will add value at the operational level,” Gen Muhoozi said.

Aligning the training with the current Covid 19 Pandemic trend and other security challenges, the CDF noted that the current global disaster challenges will necessitate reinforcing the training scope of officers on operations other than war.

“Our focus is mainly on war fighting, but we also need to widen our perspective to non-kinetic operations to handle situations like the COVID-19 and other disasters.

Nevertheless, in Uganda, so far so good,” he said.  He added that, response to crisis is one of the core roles of the UPDF, which the Force has effectively fulfilled. He called upon other militaries to take the experience as an eye opener to crosscheck their capabilities and preparedness in handling unprecedented situations.

The trainers were drawn from Makerere University, senior military trainers from the East African Community Partner States, South Africa and India.

Gen Muhoozi was accompanied by the Commander UPDF Air Force Lt Gen Charles Lutaaya, the Chief of Staff Land Forces Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda, the Chief of Training and Recruitment Brig Gen James Kinalwa, the Chief of Operations Brig Gen Francis Chemonges, the Deputy Chief of Logistics and Engineering Brig Gen Jackson Mulondo among other General and Senior officers of the UPDF..

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