Crisis as ex-Minister, Maria Kiwanuka is Accused of Plotting to Hijack Family Businesses

Former Minister of Finance, Maria Kiwanuka

Former Minister of Finance, Maria Kiwanuka has been accused by her co-wife, Beatrice Kiwanuka of taking advantage of the deteriorating health of her husband and city businessman, Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka, to wrongfully evict her son from the family business as well as denouncing her (Beatrice) as Musisi’s wife.

The concern is contained in a statement issued by Beatrice Kiwanuka detailing the strange events she says have been unfolding ever since her husband fell sick.

She says in the statement that her decision to go public with her concerns followed a long debate with her children and family, “having preferred and hoped that this family crisis that we face would be handled privately, and not in the media”.

Beatrice claims her son, Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka whom she sired with Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka, has recently unfairly been evicted from his Law firm premises and business premises. The eviction, she says, was done by Musisi’s new lawyers who were recently appointed by her co-wife, Maria Kiwanuka.

She as well accuses former Minister, Maria of intimidating her family ever since she tool over as the Director of her husband’s companies.

“We have raised our children not to speak back to elders, in keeping with Kiganda culture. Therefore, our son, Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka, who is at the centre of this storm, bearing the brunt of it all, was never going to come out and talk back to his Father, especially in the media,” Beatrice says.

“However, I have realised and come to the conclusion that this would do more harm than good, especially for our son, Jordan. I therefore decided, as the elder on my branch of the family to speak up on their behalf”.

Businessman, Mohan Musisis Kiwanuka has been ill for about two years now. During this period, Beatrice says she has not had much access to her husband as a result of restrictions by her co-wife Maria. Her 5 children have not accessed their father since April 2019.

The primary concern for Beatrice however is the fact that the ill husband recently spoke to the media and denied being his husband. He also allegedly denied being father of Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka.

“When my husband of 43years, who has been known to have two wives and two homes with 8 children between us, got up on National Television and among other things, denied being married to me, and worse still, denied our second child, Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka, is what confirmed our worst fears, that indeed, something is terribly wrong and that He is likely, in rapid decline,” Beatrice said.

She says none of the actions or statements by the husband made sense especially given that he is not one who likes to be in the press. She further wonders why her husband, Musisis would deny their son Jordan yet they went ahead to sire other children together, if the claim is that it was mere infidelity.

“For Mwaami Kiwanuka to have given the sort of interview that he did, one, broke with tradition for him and was a clear signal to all that know him, that all is not well”.

“Isn’t it also curious that after the alleged infidelity,  out of which, I am supposed to have fathered Jordan in 1979, Mwaami Kiwanuka went on to father Jordan’s three younger siblings, including our last born, who came in 1994, three years after Maria Kiwanuka’s last child who was born in 1991? Under such circumstances of infidelity, our marriage would likely have ended at that point”.

“Jordan is the second of Mwaami Kiwanuka’s children and looks a lot like him, which looks have even carried on to Jordan’s children, our Grandchildren”

Beatrice says she is willing to do DNA testing, as long as she has guarantees that the process will not be compromised “given the reach, influence and resources at Maria Kiwanuka’s disposal”.

Jordan’s mother also wonders why if Musisi did not believe Jordan was not his son, he decided to appoint him Company Secretary in 2005 and not any of his other 8 children. She has also released documents (Visa applications) authored by Musisi Kiwanuka as recently as 2015, in which he listed Jordan Sssebuliba as a member of his family.

Maria Kiwanuka who manages media outlets – Radio One and Radio Two is media savvy and is using the family crisis to serve her purposes, Beatrice claims.

“I hope that we can come to a peaceful resolution of this family crisis, without first leading to the destruction, eviction and intimidation of my branch of the family by my co-wife, Maria Kiwanuka,” she said.

The disagreements over family property are part of an ongoing case in the Family Court.

In May, Ssebuliba petitioned the High Court seeking orders to conduct a mental checkup on his father, who he accused of not being fully in control of his mental faculties. This was after his father, Musisi Kiwanuka took a decision to remove him from the management of the 32 companies he (Musisi) owns.

The companies are engaged in a wide array of businesses and Kiwanuka own at least 46 prime properties in Kampala worth an unspecified sum.

Of the 46 properties that Ssebuliba listed, at least 26 are found in Kololo, arguably the most upscale neighbourhood in Kampala City.

Beatrice says her aggrieved son, Jordan never went to court to grab his Father’s property, as has been portrayed by Maria, but to protect his father, mother and his 5 siblings.


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