Diverse Cuisines, Culture to Characterize 3rd International Cultural Fair


As the 3rd edition of the Uganda International Cultural Fair draws closer, food is the main focus for this year’s celebrations.

All cultures within and beyond Uganda will prepare their cuisines and sell off to revellers in affordable packages called samples.

Marakwang, karo, luwombo, eshabwe, bbo, malewa, nvuluga etc and the preferred Ugandan foods in most of the food joints in Kampala will be exhibited for three days at Uganda Museum.

International cuisines from different communities including Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Kenyan, Rwandan, Ethiopian, Mexican among others will be available with samples from as low as Shs 1000.

This could enable you sample all the cuisines or atleast a quarter of them every day for the three days.

Alongside the great cuisines, these different communities will showcase their cultural music, dress codes, poetry, story telling, comedy, games, technology, ancient beverages and brews as well as everything about their ways of life (culture).

The three days will give the Ugandan community an opportunity to experience the local and international cultures all in one place without having to board a bus or purchase an air-ticket to any of the destinations.

This third edition of Uganda International Cultural Fair will take place at the Uganda Museum from September 21 to 23.

Children will pay Shs 5,000 while adults will part with Shs 2,000.

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