Don’t Be Lured into Politicians’ Violence, Kabale Youth Warned

Kabale municipality MP, Andrew Aja Baryayanga addressing youth at Kirigime guest house in Kabale.

KABALE – Youth have been warned against being used by politicians for their own selfish interests.

This call was on Friday made by the Kabale Municipality Member of Parliament, Andrew Aja Baryayanga while addressing youth during a one day seminar at Kirigime Guest house.

Baryayanga said that youth in the country are targeted by some politicians in the country to achieve their own ambitions at the expense of the latter’s development.

“Our country has greatly changed and if you follow the latest trends about political violence in this country, the most targeted people are youth and once they land in trouble, they face their challenges alone while their masters are not at all available to help them,” he said.

He also challenged the youth to focus on skills development if they are to succeed in life.

“You should realise that life has changed apparently and those who have enough hands on skills are the ones making money compared to those who study office jobs.

“Focus on attaining vocational skills if you want to solve unemployment and poverty in the youth,” said Baryayanga.

Baryayanga who later attended the induction and swearing in of Local Council I and II leaders at the Kabale Central division offices expressed concern over the growing rates of insecurity in the area.

“I would wish to challenge all Local council leaders and other concerned residents of this municipality to take security vigilance as an important value. The increasing cases of theft and murder here should not be taken for granted,” said Baryayanga.

Speaking at the same function, Dennis Nzeirwe, the Kabale deputy Resident District Commisioner asked local council leaders to desist from undertaking responsibilities beyond their mandate.

“Study the legal provisions for your offices and know your limits if you are to serve effectively because if you do not do that then you will keep on clashing with other people in the exercise of your duties,” he said.

Nzeirwe also cautioned leaders against promoting religious and political divisionism in their communities.

“I should not hear any of you failing to serve because the person seeking your help is of a different belief. Stand warned that we shall not tolerate such practices in this municipality,” said Nzeirwe.

The Kabale municipality mayor, Edward Ssentaro Byamugisha asked local council leaders to ensure proper sanitation in their communities for the welfare of their residents.

“We are embarking on serious sanitation practices where we shall be strongly dealing with people who do not have the basic health requirements,” said Byamugisha.

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