DP: EC’s Revised Roadmap is Unrealistic and Should Be Challenged

DP's Acting Secretary General, Gerald Siranda (L) during a previous news conference.

Gerald Siranda, the Secretary General of Democratic Party (DP) one of the leading opposition political parties in the country, has termed the revised roadmap released by the Electoral Commission (EC) as unrealistic.

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission this morning released a revised roadmap to the 2021 general elections noting that the election period was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for now three months.

According to the revised roadmap, Political Parties and organizations are required to identify flag bearers between June 22nd and July 21st, 2020.

Commenting on the revised roadmap, Siranda said that the Electoral Commission has acted in panic and has not been considerate to other key players.

“The roadmap for Electoral Commission is not a realistic roadmap, we believe the Electoral Commission has touched a panic mode in form of just pleasing a one sided”.

“EC held a meeting with the Head of State in the same capacity as the Chairman of NRM party, I think in the same capacity, EC should have engaged political players or called us for a meeting for proper engagement as players,” Siranda said.

He says political parties are responsible for processing candidates to forward to the Electoral Commission and would have been considered before coming up with the roadmap.

“EC coming up in the morning to tell us to hold campaigns through social media and other media outlets which require money is unrealistic and we shall engage EC, you can’t ask parties to present candidates between June 22nd and 21st July when the parties have not even done internal processes that produce candidates,” Siranda commented.

He requested that political parties should be accorded enough time to carry on the necessary internal parties activities so as to arrive at the best candidates.

“The roadmap is not backed up within the law, there is no scientific election under the Constitution not even under the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act, we can’t continue hiding under scientific things for us to think we can come up with candidates in a fair way,” Siranda noted.

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