DRC: Authorities Repatriate Ebola-infected Pastor who Had Traveled to Goma

Goma, DR Congo

An Ebola sick pastor, who had travelled to Goma by bus from the northeastern city of Butembo on Suday, has been repatriated back to Butembo on Monday morning, the governor of the North Kivu province Carly Nzanzu said.

Health officials said they had tracked down all the passengers on the bus the man had taken to Goma from Butembo.

“Because of the speed with which the patient was identified and isolated, and the identification of all the other bus passengers coming from Butembo, the risk of it spreading in the rest of the city of Goma is small,” the health ministry said in a statement.

The confirmed case in Goma involved a pastor who became ill last Tuesday and sought treatment at a registered health centre in Butembo.

It’s reported that after receiving care, the pastor, 46-years old decided to leave the city, and arrived at a health centre in Goma on Sunday showing symptoms of Ebola. The pastor has now been sent back to Butembo for further care.

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