East African Police Chiefs to Meet in September


The police  Director in Charge of Interpol, Dr.Fred Yiga has said that East African police chiefs will in September hold the East African Police Chiefs’ Cooperation meeting to try and forge solutions on ending cross border crime.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Yiga said that top on their agenda will be seeing how to bring DRC on board to  join EAPCCO from the Southern Africa Police Chiefs’ Cooperation (SAPCCO).

“We have realized that when most crimes are committed in the East African region, the criminals run to DRC yet it is difficult to track them there,” Yiga said

The meeting will be the climax of the EAPCCO games scheduled for August 26-29 at Uganda Christian University in Mukono in which 13 countries will participate in various activities.

The countries will participate in taekwondo, boxing, shooting, football and volleyball among other games intended to enhance cohesion among the police forces of the member states.

Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda have so far confirmed participation in the inaugural  EAPCCO games.

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