Equity Bank Speaks Out After Criticism Over Incident Involving Helpless Patient


In the wake of criticism towards Equity Bank following an incident in which a helpless ill client was forced to go to the bank to make a transaction, the bank has issued a statement saying it values its customers.

Early this week, photos emerged on social media showing a man in a wheel chair inside the banking hall at Equity Bank, Wandegeya branch.

The man who was on life support system was brought to the bank to withdraw money to foot hospital bills at Nakasero hospital. There were claims that Nakasero hospital had insisted the patient who was in critical condition had to make a payment before any service was offered to him.

As such, the patient was transferred allegedly by hospital staff to Equity Bank via ambulance to withdraw money for his admission.

However, Nakasero released a statement on Facebook stating that the story was false and there was no involvement of anyone from Nakasero or the hospital itself.

Social media users put the blame on the hospital while others faulted the bank.

William Kavuma, the son of the patient is said to have blamed Equity Bank officials for the incident. He said they wanted to transfer their father from Norvic to Nakasero Hospital but they had bills to clear first at Norvic before the patient would be released.

At this point, they contacted Equity bank but the managers refused to give money to the old man unless he went to the bank in person, Kavuma said.

“Equity bank is the problem not Nakasero Hospital. Nakasero Hospital welcomed us nicely and even the care they gave is the best I’ve ever seen. Father in now in ICU at Nakasero Hospital,” Kavuma reportedly said.

“When transferring a patient from Norvic to Nakasero we had to pay bills of Norvic but Equity Bank refused Dad to access his funds unless he is brought to the bank. We explained to Equity manager he came took photos and video recordings but still he told us the head office refused unless the customer comes to the bank personally.”

Now, Equity Bank has issued a statement in reference to the social media claims.

“We refer to a post that was made on social media yesterday about one of our customers who was brought to the banking hall from a hospital to perform a transaction”.

“The predicament of our customer’s illness was brought to our attention, and in the process of finding a solution, the family brought him to the Bank,” the bank added.

The bank says it is in touch with the family.

“We value all our customers and we will always do everything within the law to ensure that we treat them with utmost dignity and respect. We wish our customer quick recovery”.

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