FDC Asks Muslims to Use Ramadan to Pray for End to Kidnaps

FDC President, Patrick Amuriat (R) interacting with Muslim faithfuls

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has Thursday asked the Muslim community in the country to pray to God to bring an end to the growing number of women kidnaps and murders in the country.

In his Ramadan message, Mr Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the FDC President noted that only God’s intervention can bring the several injustices bestowed upon Ugandans to an end.

“Let us use the Holy Month of Ramadan to petition the Almighty Allah about the unfairness and injustice that has bedevilled our beleaguered country, the rampant murders of our Muslim clerics where there has been no reports and follow up by those in authority,” Amuriat noted.

He said that this month should be used to pray for an end to the unending conflicts that have eaten up society, the continued arbitrary arrests of Muslims and raiding of mosques.

Amuriat appealed for the same for the sporadic kidnaps and murder cases of young girls and women most of which remain unresolved.

His appeal comes at a time when Ugandans and families of a youthful Brinah Nalule, a former YMCA student, are still mourning her murder days after she was allegedly kidnapped by people who pretended to be taxi operators a couple of weeks ago.

In February, 28 year old business woman, Susan Magara was also kidnapped by unknown people who would gruesomely murder her. There have also been several cases where security agencies have tracked down the kidnappers and rescued young children.

Mr Amuriat reminded Muslims of the important virtues of the holy month and asked them to observe them so as to benefit from their value.

“Ramadan is a month of charity and sacrifice where believers sacrifice to the needy and less privileged members of the society. It is a month of righteousness where pity is upheld by believers following the doctrine of Islam,” he added.

It is in this month that The Holy Quran was revealed to mankind in the night of power and Muslims are expected to among forgive those who wrong them, help the needy and ask for forgiveness from Allah.

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