FDC Officials Lock Up, Assault Journalists at Party Headquarters

Journalists were assaulted by some FDC officials at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

Journalists who had Monday morning turned up for the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) weekly press conference were terrified when the party officials and members of the secretariat locked them up and assaulted them.

The fracas began when the journalists who had waited for hours and there was no one to address them were later told by some party officials that the press conference could not happen since the party Spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda and his deputy were not around to speak to them.

“Some guy told journalists that the person who was supposed to address is not coming, so some journalists started walking out of the conference room. And before we could all get out, they brought keys to lock the room,” noted one of the journalists who was battered during the incident.

She added that, “Some journalists remained inside, so two guys identified as Mutumba and George locked the room when others journalists were still inside.”

“When we asked the guys to open the door for journalists to get out, they refused. They told us that no one called us to their party and that FDC is not our home so the fight started,” the reporter added.

Journalists have on several occassions been bounced at the FDC headquarters during the weekly press conferences on Monday with no explanation from the officials.

Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) spokesperson, Ronald Kabuye said the manner in which the reporters were treated at FDC was unwarranted.

“We are so embarrassed by this unwarranted act by the FDC officials, from today we shall not cover the party activities not until the party comes out to apologize as well as streamlining their coordination with the media,” said Ronald Kabuye.

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