“FDC was a War Zone, I’m Glad I Lost Presidency” – Muntu

Former FDC President, Mugisha Muntu speaking during the campaigns last year

Former FDC President, Mugisha Muntu has in a rare statement come out to say he does not regret having lost the top seat in the elections held by the Party last year. Muntu who had been the FDC leader since 2011 was defeated by former Kumi legislator, Patrick Amuriat in an election that left the party sharply divided.

During the campaigning, a section of people within the party began a campaign to discredit Muntu, some labeling him a mole whose motive was to weaken the party. When he lost, many began to speculate that he was likely to quit FDC and start another political party as it seemed he had lost trust from within.

While speaking in Fort Portal, in Kabarole district on the second day of his nationwide consultative meetings, Muntu said he is glad he lost the Presidency as his five year term had been characterized with “war”.

“When I was leader, there was a war going on but you people at the grassroot level might not know it,” he told a meeting in Fort Portal on Tuesday.

He said that FDC “was a warzone for five years”, adding that “i look back and thank God i didn’t become a Party President again”.

“God’s ways are not our ways. People might not believe it but that’s what I believe now. I know for sure that if I became President for another five years, this infighting would have proceeded for another five years,” the former FDC leader said.

His comments come amid strong resistance from the current FDC leadership disapproving of his ongoing consultations. They say Muntu did not secure permission from the party and thus his meetings are not backed by the leadership.

Muntu used Tuesday’s meeting to rally FDC supporters to be united behind a common cause but hinted on the possibility of him breaking away if that will bring an end to fighting.

He reiterated that even the strongest opposition party (FDC) requires not to only focus on changing government for the sake of it, but rather how it is prepared to cause real change.

“There are two struggles – the struggle for power and how to use that power to change this country. Some say ‘let’s get into power and other things will take care of themselves’. I don’t believe in that. You cannot give what you don’t have,” he said.

While some participants in the meeting appealed to Muntu to form a new party, he insisted he would make a decision once his consultations were complete.

The meeting was attended by party leaders from Kabarole district including FDC Chairperson, Nyakato Rusoke and those from the ruling NRM and Democratic Party.

Muntu addressing local FDC leaders in Fort Portal on Tuesday
  1. Ibrahim Yusuf
    January 19, 2018

    I think Muntu has completely lost it. In the first instance he was part of the dictatorship machinery. Secondly he is looked at as a non Ugandan, and given what Ugandans have gone through it is very unlikely that he can appeal to many Ugandans. Thirdly, he is out of touch with reality and thinks you can build institutions before you expelled the dictator who has not only abused but destroyed completely and rendered non functional the existing institutions even the ones he built himself. Finally, piece of advice to Muntu is that when you are stung by a bee, you dont set out to destroy all bees. I think in reality a third force is on the way to wrestle power from the dictator during broad day light and restore the rule of law and order in Uganda and development. We don’t need to negotiate with a thief to get our stolen property back from the thief. Ugandans need now to target one thing and that is how best to forcibly remove the dictator and his system and implant sanity and rule of law for the well being and development of our people in the stead. So Muntu don’t confuse people from focusing on removing the dictator as that is the primary target of every peace loving Ugandan now. Truthfully all the rest will fall in place given the experience Ugandans have gone through. Thank you

  2. John lwaya
    January 21, 2018

    Muntu is very right but living in a wrong party I pray that Gen Mugisha Muntu shuld start a new party where we shall develop a new thinking.

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