FDC’s Amuriat Kicks Off Nationwide Meetings to Build Party Structures

FDC President, Patrick Amuriat (in suit) with his supporters during campaigns last year

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi has started consultative meetings set to run across the country in fulfillment of his campaign pledge last year to build party structures.

The Party Presidential Press Secretary, Sarah Eperu told reporters on Monday that Amuriat shall be traversing the entire country with the aim of building the party structures.

Amuriat was over the weekend touring the sub regions of Bunyoro, Nebbi, parts of Acholi, West Nile and earlier, he was in the sub regions of Busoga and Bukedea.

Eperu said that Amuriat met several diplomats of different embassies on Monday and will later embark on the journey to meet all delegates across the country.

Amuriat’s campaign is seen by some members as a move to counteract his predecessor, Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s consultative meetings which he began this month.

However, Eperu rubbished these reports noting that no one has a right to stop any member of the public to travel to any other region.

It is noted that Amuriat started his campaigns from the areas of Bunyoro the very region that Muntu had just finished meeting delegates.

“This is one of the campaign that the President said he will be doing in the first 100 days aimed at building the party; many people have been saying that Amuriat stands for only defiance, but this is to prove that he is also for building the party,” Eperu said.

She noted that; “There is no law that stops any Ugandan from going anywhere. Do you mean to say Amuriat can’t go to where Muntu has been; no one stops anyone from going anywhere even if Gen. Muntu has been there.”

FDC Party President’s Press Secretary, Sarah Eperu (C) speaking to the press on Monday
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  1. Nuwagaba Julius
    January 30, 2018

    Its crucial for FDC to build party structures.For they have never reached grass root individuals and of which they are the very people make ahuge of votes.so let FDC go ahead.I wish it success.

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