FDC’s Amuriat to Issue Action Plan to ‘Ease’ Museveni Out this Year

FDC President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi (Photo by Abubaker Lubowa)

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Patrick Amuriat Oboi is set to issue an action plan that “will ease Museveni” out of power before the end of this year 2019.

This was revealed by the party Publicity Secretary, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda while addressing the media as the first party address in the year 2019.

During his end of year speech, Amuriat noted that the year 2019 is a year of action assuring Ugandans that this time round, Miseveni won’t survive their new tactics to have him out of power.

“As FDC, our new year’s resolution is to continue working to ease Museveni out of power, we think it is still possible to happen with the participation of Ugandans this year 2019, ” Semujju said during the address.

Nganda said that despite the calendar changing seasons, Ugandans still grapple with the same challenge of ensuring regime change so as to achieve the genuine prosperity that the party wishes for everyone this year.

“We therefore extend our invitation to all Ugandans to join hands and ease Museveni out of power who is the major reason that poverty and insecurity are worsening,” Nganda said.

“The wishes that 2019 be a prosperous year will remain just good wishes but will not come to pass; the party President will soon be outlining a number of activities that we intend to do and contributions that each one of us can make to achieve this dream,” Nganda said.

Nganda as well said that “if Museveni chooses and doesn’t want to be chased like Bashir”, then he should make the year 2019 a year of constitution reforms.

While Nganda acknowledged that the President has already announced that constitution review commission will be set up, he (Nganda) expressed skepticism over whose interests this commission will serve.

“We hope the commission, if it will ever be set up, will not be to deal with Museveni’s desires but real reforms that are going to put this country back on track.”

“The year 2019 should be dedicated to first, help Museveni out of power and to put up meaningful reforms which will help put our country back on track.

It is not the first time, FDC threatens pushing Museveni out of power. A number of campaigns led by former FDC President, Dr. Kizza Besigye bore no fruit; Walk-to-work, Tubalemese among others. Patrick Amuriat run for FDC Presidency against former President, Gen Mugisha Muntu who has since left FDC with several others citing difference in approach.

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