DP to Embark on Nationwide Exercise “to Fumigate Cockroaches Out of the Party”

Democratic Party (DP) President, Norbert Mao.
Norbert Mao, the President of opposition political party, Democratic Party (DP) has announced that they are set to conduct a country wide registration process of their members with an intention of identifying their true members and erase off those hiding in the party with ill intentions.
He revealed this during the party’s weekly press conference in Kampala.
”The DP bloc is going to roll out from the branch level a massive registration of members of the party. The purpose of this registration exercise under the office of the National organizing secretary, is to create a members’ register,” Mao told reporters.
“I have said before that one of the problems we have in the management of political parties is that parties do not know who their members are and who their supporters are, sometimes supporters are confused to be supporters,” he said.
”We are very determined to fumigate the party, so cockroaches, snakes, rats, ticks, there is no room for you in the party because we want true believers in the Democratic Party. I know some of you will say that we are taking a hard line, but we are only repeating things which are in the constitution, this is actually the softest line. So, we are going to announce a program of the mass member registration and recruitment in the 8 constituencies of Kampala district,” he added.
Mao who likened the event to roll out the exercise a fun festival, said that it will commence before the end of this week and singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone who recently joined DP and declared the party’s chief mobilizer will join the team at all the functions.
This, he said ”will naturally annoy people more but how long will they continue with that jealousy?”
He said they made a resolution that all parties and individual leaders who stood in the gap between 1995 and 2005 when the country returned to multiparty sensation must come together and lead the struggle for change in the country.
This is why he had to look for Dr Abed Bwanika and people before fellow DP bloc leaders to ignore whoever is ”bad mouthing since they are after distracting us”.
“A good footballer stays with the ball and goes and score even when he is being insulted.”
It is however not clear who Mao’s targeted politicians are even though some political analysts predict the move is intended to get rid of veteran party members like Elias Lukwago and Betty Nambooze who have for a couple of years publicly refused to recognize the Mao leadership and shifted their allegiance to former FDC President Kizza Besigye and ‘People’s Government’ pressure group.
On opposition supporters and individual who have been criticizing DP leadership over allowing in Jose Chameleone, Mao said the party has achieved from the attacks since they have succeeded in capturing everyone’s intention.
”I want to assure members of the DP that we are in a good place because we have moved from being ignored and ridiculed, because when people are fighting you it means you are doing a good job. No one kicks a dead dog, if you find it there, you move and pass. So DP is strongly alive. Chameleone is not a candidate on the position in the party or in the 2021 elections,” he explained.
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