Media Asked to Write to Police About Late Night Guests

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson addressing media during a press briefing at Uganda Media center today. Photo by Ashraf Kasirye.

Police has directed Radio and Television stations across the country to notify police commanders within their areas of operations about their late night shows that might require their guests to move beyond curfew hours.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga says that it has come to their attention that while journalists are allowed to travel at night because of they are among essential service workers, most of the people appearing on their programs are not in the same category.

He says as a result, police have always found it hard to accept the explanations of the people they find moving during curfew hours after appearing on late night shows since media houses don’t take it upon themselves to inform police about their arrangements.

He says now media houses will be required to write to their area police stations indicating the guests to be hosted, where they stay, the routes they will be using while returning home after the talk shows and the time the programs will start and end.

According to Enanga, this will enable them to alert their officers on the ground about the categories of people to be excused from those being held apprehended for violating curfew directives. 

Enanga dismissed media reports indicating that police have been deploying at some media houses to block opposition politicians from being hosted. He cited an incident in Mubende district last week where police deployed around the premises of Point FM, Mubende FM and Tropical FM where the People Power leader, Robert Kyagulanyi was expected to appear in vain.

According to Enanga, it’s the radio stations that invited police to help keep away crowds from their premises.

Enanga also expressed concern about the reluctance by several Ugandans to implement Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs, which they used to negotiate with government to lift the lockdown.

He said security agencies have done their work of enforcing the implementation of SOPs but some Ugandans have proven to be complacent, which might affect the gains made so far.

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