Minister Cheptoris Inaugurates New NWSC Board

Minister Sam Cheptoris with the NWSC Board members.

The Minister for Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris has Tuesday inaugurated four new NWSC Board members.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Cheptoris expressed joy towards the excellent service delivery levels and the management of NWSC.

“I’m extremely happy with the performance of NWSC and i appreciate the strategic guidance the previous board has offered to the management team. I implore you to work towards serving more Ugandans as we work towards access to safe water for all.” he said.

He called upon the new board members to use the previous success stories of the outgoing board as a foundation for exemplary performance and new frontiers at the Corporation.

“Nothing was illegal about the recruitment process of the new board members as i have read in some media reports. The term of the chairperson and Vice Chair are still running until mid this year. We followed a very rigorous vetting process to select the other new board members.” he said.

NWSC Board chairman, Dr.Eng Christopher Ebal welcomed the new board members. He appreciated the Minister for exercising his mandate under the water act to constitute new board members for business continuity at NWSC.

On behalf of the board, he reiterated their commitment to provide policy and strategic guidance to NWSC management.

Eng Ebal called upon the new Board of Directors to accustom themselves with the legal framework, exercise team work, tolerance, equitable and inclusive when implementing policies, efficient and effective in their mandate.

NWSC Managing Director, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha applauded the previous board for the strategic leadership, oversight and policies that enabled the corporation achieve a number of things over the last five yeara.

These include increased connections from 270, 000 customers to 650,000, increased turn over from Shs 150bn to 445bn, laying 2,800 km of water mains annually up from 80kms in the past, and increasing surplus for reinvestment from Sha 38bn to Shs 96bn.

The asset base of the Corporation has grown from Shs 650bn to Shs 3.1 trillion.

According to Dr. Silver, the NWSC act mandates the board as a policy making body of NWSC which provides oversight to the MD and the management team.

He shared that the outgoing board in quorum approved the Corporate plan, Strategic Direction, Budgets, Performance contracts with GoU among other policy documents which have enabled the corporation achieve exceptional results.

“Service delivery is a moving target! As we implement projects, the population keeps growing and as hence demand for services. The Corporation is working towards 100% access to clean water and sewerage services for all, significantly contribute towards protection of the environment and CSR initiatives,” he added.

The NWSC Board of Directors

1.Board Chairman Dr.Eng Christopher Ebal
2. Vice Chair- Mrs Ruth Kanyarunju
3.Rt. Col Stephen Mwesige Basaliza- Board Member
4.Onyiru Sarah- Board Member
5.Runge George Muzungyo- Board Member
6.Racheal Kiconco Mbabazi
7. Mrs Faridah Mpiima Mayanja-Board Member
8. Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha- MD
9. Edith Kateete- Deputy Managing Director Board Affairs/Corporation Secretary

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