My Village is in Los Angeles, I’m in Uganda for ‘Kyeyo’ - Peter Sematimba

Busiro South MP, Peter Sematimba

Busiro South Member of Parliament, Peter Sematimba alias Pirra Sematimba says he only comes to Uganda to do business and earn money after which he flies back to his home village Los Angeles in the U.S.

In an interview with one of the local televisions, Sematimba said he is only in Uganda for Kyeyo (working) and when holidays come, just like other Ugandans who take a bus to go to their upcountry villages, he travels to the U.S.

It all started when the controversial legislator was asked how he spent his festive season and responded that he went to China and Los Angeles California in United States, which surprised the interviewer who then asked to know whether the MP and media entrepreneur chooses to fly abroad as the rest of the Ugandans go to villages.

“When you talk about a village, In Uganda I am on Kyeeyo, it is here that I make my money just like the rest of the people in Kampala. When holidays come they board buses back to their upcountry villages. I also do the same. During holidays, I board a bus just like any other person to go to my village Los Angeles, only that my bus is known as Airbus 380,” said Sematimba who owns Super FM.

He emphasized it when asked how he was to spend valentine’s day as a person who introduced the celebrations in Uganda.

“My baby Juliet Ssentongo Ssematimba is in our village Los Angeles California, so we shall celebrate it through WhatsApp.”

This has however attracted reaction from many Ugandans on social media who have described his remarks as a mockery to the locals.

Ariong Moses on Twitter says: Oh my God, this guy sits in Parliament as part of his Kyeeyo job in Uganda? How shameless have some of our leaders become, to openly mock us like this?

“These are the leaders our country has. How can a representative of the people publicly say that he is not part of them? That he is only getting money from them and then uses an aeroplane to fly back to him village,” Musa said tweeted.

The lawmaker is not new to controversial statements and decisions. Last week, a video of him doing make up during a plenary session at the parliament of Uganda made rounds on social media. In the clip, he is seen cutting his nails and applying lip balm as he chats with a colleague.

Last year, Sematimba shocked the nation when he opted to sit his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examinations after years in Parliament. He said he went back to school because people especially political opponents find it hard to understand his American academic documents.

Known for his American accent and a seemingly bleached skin, Sematimba explained that he had spent a lot of money in court trying to prove that his documents were equivalent to an A’level certificate.

It should be remembered that Sematimba lost his parliamentary seat in 2016 after Democratic Party candidate Stephen Sekigozi dragged him to court over academic papers. He however, appealed the ruling and in 2017 and the Court of Appeal upheld his election, saying there was nothing wrong with his academic papers. The minimum qualification for an MP is an A’level certificate.

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