PHOTOS: Bullets, Teargas Rock Mbarara as Police Blocks Besigye Meeting

Armed police officers patrol a street in Mbarara on Friday.

Police in Mbarara fired teargas and bullets on Friday, on the streets within the municipality to disperse a crowd of supporters of opposition politician and four-time Presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye.

On Friday morning, Police besieged the catholic social centre where Besigye was set to hold his consultation meeting.

Other places which were cordoned ofd were Booma grounds, Kijungu cell near grand holiday hotel where Besigye always spends a night while in Mbarara, and Uganda Martyrs junction.

However, Besigye arrived late in the afternoon hopping to beat off Police which had intensified its security early morning.

Police used its trucks to shoots high- velocity streams of water into the buildings where Besigye and his supporters were concentrated. Besigye and his team locked themselves inside their armored cars.

People at the scene could be seen running to get water to wash their faces while others used handkerchiefs to wet their faces.

Police also fired teargas but people kept on shielding Besigye’s car. Besigye’s convoy later proceeded towards Masaka.

Besigye was escorted by Mbarara FDC chairman Stanley Katembeya, the MP for Buhweju, Francis Mwijukye, Ingrid Turinawe and the rest.

Besigye had similarly been blocked from holding an event in Ishaka-Bushenyi on Wednesday.



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