Suspect in Murder of IHK Doctor was Tracked by CMI in Apac

The security guard who is suspected to have killed Dr Cathy Agaba.

As a cloud of grief continues to hang over relatives and friends of the late International Hospital Kampala (IHK) doctor, Cathy Agaba, a source close to investigations has revealed to this news site that the askari (security guard) who allegedly murdered the doctor was tracked in Apac.

Dr Cathy who was renting one of the apartments in Muyenga in Kampala, went missing on April 13 prompting relatives to inform authorities and call on anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts to get in touch with police or call a mobile line which was widely shared. The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) also joined the search.

Security arrested a number of suspects including a Ugandan doctor based in the US.

But on Sunday, a one Kenny Ronald, 24, who was guarding the apartments, was arrested after being tracked by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) up to Loro Trading Centre in Apac district, Northern Uganda where he was arrested.

He was then driven to Kampala and on Monday, and he reportedly led the operatives to a septic tank in the compound where Dr Agaba rented and recovered her lifeless body therein.

The suspect was found with some of the the late doctor’s property including a phone, television, woofer and others, leading to suspicion that he murdered her to steal her property.

“The CMI squads recovered some of the Doctor’s property from his place in Apac,” a knowlegeable source told this news site.

Dr Agaba was born in August 1991 and graduated from Mbarara University of Science and Technology with a degree in medicine and surgery before joining IHK.

Agaba’s murder is synonymous to that of Brenda Karamuzi, the young woman who was murdered and her body also found dumped in a Muyenga septic tank in February 2010. The trial court found his boyfriend, Thomas Nkulungira guilty of murder and sentenced him to death.

Nkulungira however ran to the Court to appeal against the sentence, but court upheld it. He then ran to Supreme Court where the matter is currently.

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