UCC Cautions Phone Users to be Vigilant About Mobile Money Scammers


Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is warning the public, particularly those who use digital financial platforms to be vigilant and not fall victims of a wave of fraudsters.

In a statement issued Monday, the communications regulator said some subscribers using digital financial platforms are falling prey to scammers engaged in mobile money fraud.

“The scammers are running fake promotions and in some cases masquerading as employees of UCC or of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), and requesting subscribers to enter codes in their phones, or to share their mobile money PIN in fulfilment of a fake requirement of registration,” UCC said.

“Such scams have resulted in a loss of considerable sums of money by unsuspecting subscribers, and more so during this COVID-19 lockdown, with subscribers increasingly using digital financial platforms due to limited mobility, and therefore desperate not to lose connectivity”.

UCC says it is collaborating with the phone companies and security agencies to curb this vice, and maintain a safe and secure communications services and digital financial environment.

As such, subscribers have been advised against sharing their PIN over the phone or with any third party, as well as using codes or approve transactions they do not know.

In addition, they are advised to verify any SIM registration request with their service provider’s call centre (Call 100) or other channels established for consumer engagement (UCC Toll-Free – 0800 222 777). 

The regulator has also asked subscribers to ignore or report people who are talking of registering or disconnecting your phone number.

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