Former Karamojong Street Children Graduate in Vocational Skills

The graduates pose for a photo.

A total of eighteen Karamojong girls who were formerly on the streets of Kampala have graduated in a number of skills at COWA Vocational Training School in Nsambya as part of their rehabilitation package.

The girls’ training was facilitated by Women and Equal Opportunity Desk of Moroto Diocese and were trained in Hair dressing and beauty as well as Bead work and Basket weaving.

According to COWA Principle, Francesca Romana Bilak, the training lasted for three months and has been used as tool to rehabilitate the adolescent girls and help them earn a living.

“This is a great day for us as a school because we have started a new history, we collaborated with the Komboni Missionary Sisters Women Desk in Moroto to training 18 Karamojongo girls who have been begging on the streets,” Bilak said.

Bilak noted that many people have condemned the girls for being on the streets without thinking of resolving the problem in a very effective way.

“We thank God because today we have become part of their history, we have become change agents in their lives; this is just the beginning but the Komboni Missionary Sisters will continue taking care of them,” Bilak noted.

He observed that there is no child who is stupid and no child wants to be on the streets but only circumstances force them to do that and it is a responsibility of every one of to make sure that they change their lives for the best.

“The responsibility of these boys and girls on the streets is a responsibility of each and every one of us since we all have what we can contribute,” Bilak noted.

He advised government to put more effort in addressing factors that led to children running away from their homes to streets other than focusing more on chasing them from the streets.

The Provincial Bursar, Komboni Missionary Sisters who is also the Ass. Parish Priest of Mbuya, Fr. John Bosco Mubangizi advised the girls to team up and work in groups to set their own saloons and sell the bead work and baskets as a team so as to earn a better living.

“My advice to those still on the streets is to look at the first 18 that have graduated today and understand that they can also make it in life, let them get off the streets as well since there is nothing good on the streets,” Mubangizi said.

Mubangizi revealed that the girls were picked from their small rented house in Katwe slum called Kitooro.

“These girls team up in a group of 5 or 6 and pay a rental in Katwe they stay in a slum called Katwe Kitooro,” Mubangizi noted..

The graduates pose for a photo.

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